Television star James Corden claims he dreamt of playing Henry VIII, the wife-killing ruler.



Late Late Show host James Corden said that he would like to play King Henry VIII in a Hollywood movie about this overweight English monarch. He had his wives executed during the reign of Henry VIII in the 1500s.

US talk show star James Corden dreams of landing a Hollywood role – as the bloated English tyrant Henry VIII.

The funny, fun-loving comedian from the UK was a hit host of The Late Late Show, CBS in the US. He wants to play Henry, who is famous for his six wives and large appetite.

Corden, 43 years old, was the voice of Peter Rabbit in 2018’s film. He has received Tony Awards for his Broadway work and now longs to be on the big screen.

He giggled at the jokes in his show. “I am holding out for the old Henry VIII biopic. I have to be up there at some point when it comes around. I could have the big beard as I have the face for it.”

He was asked to answer the question when it was suggested. “gain 40 pounds” for the role, rather than wear a fat suit, Corden beamed: “That is the dream. It would be amazing! ‘Do you know what? I can do that.”

The star, who went to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’humorous joke about how the Queen would celebrate their birthday with an amicable wedding “intimate dinner with loved ones followed by two elephant legs of cocaine”.

Then he said gossip that the Queen drinks 4 cocktails per day. “correct”.

Corden, who is a face of Weight Watchers claimed last year that his grub-grabbing hands were his biggest foes when he was fighting weight loss. “The best diet I could do is strap my arms to my body.”

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