Tenant sent angry messages to landlords and threatened to kidnap daughters during rent row


Ian Broadbent, 43 years old, was sentenced to 24 month imprisonment, with 24 months suspended after he pleaded guilty for blackmail. The victim of the crime described it as “a very serious incident.” “nightmare ordeal”He claimed that he had been a source of high stress and anxiety.

In a dispute about rent, a tenant sent several angry messages to his landlords and threatened to kidnap them. “place his daughter into prostitution”.

Ian Broadbent, 43, had been living as a lodger at the man’s home and would regularly pay rent, but then ask for money to help tide him over.

The relationship between the pair deteriorated before an argument broke out one day at a pub in August 2020, when one of the landlord’s friends challenged Mr Broadbent, Manchester Evening News reported.

Prosecutor Juliet Berry said: “The defendant returned to the address and the complainant followed, and found the defendant packing.

“He asked him for his keys to the property back, but the defendant refused and called the police.”

When police officers arrived, Broadbent left and handed the keys back.

But he returned later on August 15 and alleged the landlord had damaged the property claiming he owed him £2,000.

The prosecutor told the court he threatened to kidnap the man’s daughter and said he would ‘place them into prostitution’.

Ms Berry said: “Essentially, he said, if you don’t pay the money, his daughters would get hurt.

“The complainant did send abusive messages in response.”

Broadbent was interrogated and arrested. Broadbent gave police a prepared statement, explaining his mental health. ‘low’He lost his job and his place of residence at that time.

He later admitted to having sent the messages and pleaded guilty.

The victim statement contained the following: “It has been an incredibly stressful ordeal and I had to take two weeks off work on sick leave.

“Whilst I don’t hate him [Broadbent] I do think he should be held accountable for his actions.”

Thomas Worsfold, mitigating, said his client was at his “lowest ebb” during the offences, and didn’t intend on carrying out the threats.

He said: “He was desperate, and in a very bad place. The complainant responded with unpleasantness of his own.

“It can be described as goading him when he knew he was homeless and at his lowest ebb.

“Blackmail is described as murder of the soul with the complainant cowering in silence – that is not the case as he was able to respond.”

His client, who had received support from a mental-health monitoring team, has found a new job in engineering and describes himself as a “changed person”.

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Sentencencing, Recorder Abigail Hudson stated: “These are extremely disturbing messages which showed a gross degree of misogyny as well as a threat towards a child. They must have been extremely disturbing messages for him to receive.

“I accept there was an element of goading, but the reality is you responded in this wholly unacceptable way. It seems you have a long standing manner of responding when things are not going your way.”

Broadbent was sentenced to 24 months in prison, with a suspension of 24 months. He was ordered to complete 20 days of rehabilitation activities and 250 hours unpaid work.

Additionally, he was placed under a restraining orders, which prohibits him from contacting him or his family for five year.