Tennessee Cop gives 84-year-old woman a ride to a hair appointment after seeing her walk on the highway alone


One Tennessee police officer was out on routine patrol when he saw an elderly lady walking down a busy road.

Officer Lance Hoffmeister got into his vehicle, and asked the woman where she was heading.

“I didn’t know if she wandered away or if she was lost that is why I wanted to check on her,”He stated. “She was trying to get to the Paul Mitchell Studio. It was a mile from where she got dropped off.”

Officer Hoffmeister offered to take the woman, aged 84 years old, on a ride in his patrol car.

It wasn’t until after the ride when they introduced themselves, and the cop said that seeing Elizabeth Good struggling on the stretch of highway had a big impact on him as the woman reminded him of his grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

“Obviously it is a good feeling. I have a special place in my heart for my seniors and it just made me feel good,”He stated. “I thing that’s what the job is all about.”

Officer Hoffmeister gave Good the number so that he could call her when her hair appointment was done. Inside Edition was told Good got a perm.