Tennessee Man Takes Out AK-47 after Being Told To Wait 10 Minutes For His Little Caesars Pizza: Cops


Un certain man went too far after being told that his Little Caesars pizza was not hot. He pulled an AK-47 and demanded his food as soon as possible.   

“He points the gun up at me,”Kimberleigh Murrell was a former Little Caesars employee. “‘Where is my pizza. I want my pizza now.'”

Murrell said that it was her very first day on the job at a Knoxville, Tennessee news station. 

The hangry customer, identified by police as 53-year-old Charles Doty Jr., reportedly became upset when told he would have to wait ten minutes for a pepperoni pizza.

Murrell said that he left Murrell’s store and went to his car. He returned with the weapon. “Disbelief that someone would do that over a ten-minute wait on a six-dollar pizza,”She added.

Doty was reportedly accompanied by another customer who purchased pepperoni pizza.

The employees called the police and tracked him down. He was then taken into custody. 

“We are not always hot and ready!”Murrell was also added. “Never listen to that. We are not always hot and ready!”

Doty was reportedly charged with four counts each of aggravated kidnapping or assault. Doty is currently in jail with a $90,000. Bond and is due to appear in court on Monday. 


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