Tennessee Nurse RaDonda was Sentenced To Probation.


A Tennessee nurse who mistakenly gave a patient a fatal dose of the wrong medication in 2017 will not face prison time after being convicted of criminally negligent homicide.

RaDonda was facing a potential six-year sentence, but was sentenced Friday for three years of supervised probation. 

The decision came after the victim’s family asked the judge to show mercy.

“We forgive her. My mother-in-law would want her to be forgiven, and jail time is not an option to me,” Charlene Murphey’s daughter-in-law, Chandra, said at the hearing.

“I mean, it’s sad all the way around for everybody. I mean, not only my family, but [Vaught’s] also,”A family member stated it.

Vaught, 38 years old, wept openly when she heard the words compassion and forgiveness. She then turned to address her family, making an apology for the first times in four years.

“Saying I’m sorry doesn’t seem like enough, but you deserve to hear that and you deserve to know that I am very sorry for what happened,”Vaught stated. 

​​In 2017, Vaught was supposed to give Murphey a mild sedative before a routine procedure. Instead, she administered a lethal dose of the paralyzing agent vecuronium bromide, which comes with a clear warning label.

Vaught was charged with Murphey’s murder. This case sparked fury among American nurses.

Many nurses remained at the court, watching the dramatic sentencing through loudspeakers.