Tennessee Petting Zoo: 2 Men are killed by Camel


Officials said that two men who worked at a Tennessee petting farm were killed by a camel’s rampage. 

Bobby Matteny, 42 and Tommy Gunn 67 were trying to capture and corral a camel in Shirley Farms in Obion. The camel reportedly attacked them, trampling, biting and killing the men.  

According to authorities, the camel felt trapped when it attacked and then charged police officers who were trying to move one victim. It was eventually killed. 

Camels are generally considered gentle giants and docile. However, the desert creatures can be dangerous at any time.  

They can kick forwards or backwards, can kneel, crush and even throw their targets at them.  

Shirley Farms has a Facebook page that advertises a seasonal pumpkin farm and animal petting areas.  

According to a U.S. Agriculture Department inspection report, the farm didn’t have a barrier that separated the camels from those who were feeding them. According to the inspection report, there were no attendants or employees present at the time of inspection.