Terri, Bindi Irwin Allegedly Considering Selling Australia Zoo, Moving To U.S. Amid Zoo’s Financial Problems, Anonymous Source Says


Is Australia Zoo in financial trouble? One report states TerriAnd Bindi IrwinBecause their beloved Zoo is under strain, they are considering moving out of Australia. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Australia Zoo In Crisis’

According to Neue IdeaThe COVID-19 crisis has had a severe impact on the Irwin family. Things only get worse after being shut down in February over Queensland restrictions. A source reveals, “Some of the most experienced Wildlife Warriors the zoo ever had”They were fired.

Terri might have to sell it, and the rest of the employees are afraid. Terri recently posted a tweet about her loss of Eugene, Oregon. Insider: “It certainly would come as no surprise if Terri off-loaded the zoo and returned to the U.S. for some much-needed family time.” Bindi and Chandler Powell would likely follow suit, especially given Powell’s family still lives in the States and hasn’t seen the newest member of the clan yet.

The Australia Zoo Is Closing?

Are the Australia Zoo trying to lay people off? Well, maybe. This is the story. collected by the Daily Mail, though it’s worth noting that report had no original research. Even still, it can’t be dismissed out of hand.

For what it’s worth, the family seems completely unbothered in the midst of this supposed financial strain. Yesterday they were all smiles celebrating. Steve Irwin Day. Bindi called it “waking through Australia Zoo”. “best part of my day every day.”

COVID-19 has severely hurt the amusement business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the family is going to pack up and move across the world. Bindi is currently raising a family. Just because Terri tweeted about Oregon does not mean she’s actively planning to move back there. That’s asinine.

Horrid Reputation

The real reason is Gossip Cop can’t buy this story is because of Neue Idea’s history with the Irwin’s. Nearly every issue features a bogus claim about one of Australia’s favorite families. Just a few months ago it reported that Bindi and Terri were at each other’s throats, yet this goes completely unmentioned now.

It announced that Bindi was pregnant again just months after giving birth to Grace, but that’s not true. Also, she has never had quadruplets. Neue Idea promised. We’ve also seen stories about her moving to America for years now, yet she’s still down under.

It is difficult to believe this story of financial ruin due to the unending stream of tall tales. If the family decides to take drastic action, only time will tell.