‘Terrible Thoy,’ Lonely and Decrepit Oregon Lighthouse on Sale for $6.5 Million


For $6.5 million, you can own a haunting, abandoned lighthouse on the northwest coast of Oregon. Accessible only by helicopter, it is not accessible from indoor plumbing and has no running water.

Built in 1881 and abandoned for 65 years, the towering structure is the state’s only offshore lighthouse. 

Extreme weather makes it nearly impossible to reach the island from a boat. Crews that worked there were stranded on the island for several months and called it home. “Terrible Tilly”Because it was dangerous, cold, and wet.

The lighthouse can be found one mile away from Tillamook Head, Oregon.

Private property is only accessible by helicopter, with permission from the owners.

The lighthouse guided ships on dangerous journeys up the Columbia River, and was instrumental in the creation of the Pacific Northwest’s shipbuilding industry and the World War II development.

Its remote location meant that construction costs totalled $123,493 dollars in 1881 dollars. This was the highest-priced lighthouse built on West Coast. The structure has been damaged by storms, waves and seawater.


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