Terrified villagers want to kill monstrous Crocodiles


In a remote area of Tanzania, crocodiles have terrorized villagers and eaten six people in three months.

The terrified residents of Kimaramisale village have now been urged to stop collecting water from the river’s edge to avoid falling into the jaws of the beasts.

The man-eating crocs waited while people collected water before they launched from the river to drag them under and then devour them.

The government of Tanzania is now ready to step in to make the region safer. News.cn reported.

The government has started a project in the region that will eliminate the need for villagers to fetch water from the Ruvu River.

Residents want the animals killed

Another way to improve safety is to construct a bridge across the river.

Salum Bong’o, chairperson of Kimaramisale village in the Dutumi ward, has revealed that one of the victims was his own father.

He addressed a press conference. “The six victims were attacked and eaten by the crocodiles between January 2022 and March 2022.”

But in response to the deadly attacks, villagers have urged the country’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to go further and destroy the creatures.

The crocodiles waited patiently for the villagers.

It was reported that crocodiles attacked several people last year as they tried to cross the river to get to the livestock.

Previous attempts by the government to eliminate some of these dangerous creatures (which have 60 teeth between their jaws) have failed.

Local councilors stated that permits are often granted when the river is high, which means several crocs cannot be seen until they attack.

Numerous fatal crocodile attacks occurred in remote villages this year.

Crocodiles have infested the Ruvu River

An Indonesian man was killed in February after being dragged by a 13-foot crocodile along a river, and finally being eaten.

The 51-year old victim was bathing in water after gathering palm leaves at the Bebatu River in the country.

Luther tried to fight the monster while his friends watched in horror. However, it eventually pulled Luther underwater and up the river until he died.

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