Terry Bradshaw using a cane: Why? Football fans are concerned


Although NFL fans may have their favourite teams, many also have strong opinions regarding the broadcasters who cover football on different networks. Terry Bradshaw has been a broadcaster of football for more than 25-years. His eccentric personality has won him many loyal football fans. This is why so many people were worried when they saw him use a cane in the Oct. 31 broadcast.

Terry was criticized for his football analysis.

Terry was trending yesterday with a take he took at the start of the month. Terry claimed that the Panthers had the greatest quarterback in franchise history, Sam Darnold. Darnold has been playing incredibly poorly since Terry made this claim. Many felt Terry’s view was incorrect even before Sam’s play started to decline.

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Cam Newton was once a Panthers player who won the league MVP award and led the team to the Super Bowl. Many felt that Jake Denholme, who took the team to the Super Bowl, also deserved an apologies. Terry’s view on the Panthers’ quarterback was not an obvious error. However, it isn’t one that fans will forget.

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“Terry Bradshaw owes Cam Newton and maybe even freaking Jake Delhomme apologies. Lol,”One person posted on Twitter.

“Terry Bradshaw deserves to go one on one with the undertaker in hell in a cell for the way he disrespected Cam,”An additional option was added.

Many people are concerned about Terry’s health. However, many others are annoyed at the way he has been wrong in recent weeks.

It is part of the fun that NFL broadcasters say things that turn out to be completely wrong. The internet can make them look bad if they are wrong. Terry has been a popular TV personality for over 25 years. He seems to be ready to broadcast, even if it means he must use a cane for a while.