Texas Boy’s Lemonade Stand raises thousands of dollars in aid for Ukrainian Children


Little Mac Connatser was glued to the news, like so many others, as Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

The Texas boy saw so many children taken from their families and felt something inside him. He decided to do whatever he could to help. 

“It was one night in bed,” Mac’s father,  Adam Connatser, told Inside Edition Digital. “We were watching the news, the coverage of the conflict. He just said, ‘I think I want to run lemonade stand to raise money for Ukrainian kids.’ One thing led to another and here we are.”

Mac, who has no direct connection to Ukraine, set up a little lemonade stand in his Dallas neighborhood.

“I wanted to help the children in Ukraine and I thought that was the best way that I could do it, since I couldn’t go over there and help,”The 10-year old said. “I thought that I could do my part from here and I thought that would be the best way to set up a lemonade stand.”

Mac opened a lemonade stand last Sunday in an effort to donate the proceeds to children in Ukraine.

“Of course, your initial reaction as a parent when your kiddo wants to start lemonade stand is, well, we ought to support him in what he wants to do, but we’re probably going to spend more money on the lemonade than we will make,” Mac’s mother, Aubrey Connatser, said. “Nonetheless, every kid should do a lemonade stand if he wants to. So he then asked my mom if he could hold the lemonade stand at her church, Royal Lane Baptist Church, in Dallas.”

Mac’s grandmother gave generously to Mac for her lemonade. She also gave $100 to her grandson. A third parishioner contributed $30 to their refreshing treat.

“I was really grateful and I thought that, well, if it’s already gone to a good start so far, I think we’re going to do a really good job and here we are,”Mac said.

Mac was well on his path to raising $2,000.



Mac continues to raise funds to support Save the Children’s Ukraine’s emergency fund. Mac has already raised over $7,000 since Wednesday and continues to collect donations. A GoFundMe campaign

“The way I selected that is there were other charities that I could have donated to, but I wanted it to go to something that would help Ukraine. Save the Children has a dedicated fund to Ukrainian children,”He elaborated. “So I thought it would be great if I gave the money there. I think Save the Children has done a very good job by saving children.”

Mac is well on his way to achieving his goal and has found strength in his efforts as well as the generosity of his friends. 


“I’m really grateful and it makes me feel very happy, because I think we could save a lot of lives by doing this,”He said.

Mac’s parents found it as rewarding to see their son work tirelessly for a cause he was passionate about. It’s sad to realize that Mac was also motivated by the unimaginable horrors in Ukraine. 

“It’s heartwarming to have a kiddo that is this empathetic and generous,”Aubrey said. “It’s also devastating to watch what’s happening in Ukraine. So it’s bittersweet that Mac has taken on this task and that this weighs heavily on his heart. If you ever want a kid to react in an appropriate way to a tragic situation, I’ll take it. He’s a great kid. He always has been, and we’re super proud.”


Mac offered words of wisdom to other children who wanted to help in any way possible. “I would say to them, if your heart pulls you, then either set up a lemonade stand like I do, or just donate $20 or $100 to a place that would help Ukrainian children, or Ukrainians in general, because every single cent counts.”

Mac continued, “Quoting his mother’s motto,” “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”