Texas Couple Discovers Abandoned baby in Outdoor Shed. Father Suspect


Texas couple discovered an abandoned baby girl inside their shed.

Surveillance video shows Katharine and John McClain’s dog, Archie, barking loudly in the yard about an hour outside Houston. John went to investigate and discovered that Archie was barking in the yard about an hour outside Houston. He yelled at his wife to dial 911.

“When I opened the door up, the baby was lying on the floor, right by a motorcycle. She didn’t cry, she just sort of looked up, smiling at me,”John said.

Katharine walked up to the shed, even though she was calling police. As they waited for first responders, Katharine wrapped the baby in a towel and took the child 9 months old into her arms.

“I picked her up and cradled her to me, and she went right to sleep,”Katharine said.

The little girl was transported by ambulance to a Houston hospital. 

The discovery shocked the homeowners. 

“She had bruises all over, all over her body pretty much. She looked so tired,”Katharine said. 

Doctors also determined that the child had a broken leg. 

Cops report that the father of the child was charged with abandoning his child. McClains claim that the father tried to steal their car wearing his underwear. They also captured an image of the father on their surveillance cameras before they found her.

They claim they are just glad Archie the Schnauzer raised the alarm.

“It might have been hours before we went out there, then she would have been in that hot shed all day,”Katharine said. 

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