Texas Dad says Steve Irwin’s observation helped him to manage gators in his yard


Texas dad determined to get his daughter into middle school. 

Mike Trinh heard Kaitlyn, the 11-year-old girl, screaming as they headed out from Missouri City.

“She’s yelling, ‘Dad, dad, there’s an alligator at the front door!’ Of course, I didn’t believe her. You know, it’s her first day of middle school. So, I thought she was making up a story just so she won’t go to school,”Trinh stated.

This was not the case. “the dog ate my homework” excuse. It was the real deal — and Trinh got to work, with a little help from the Crocodile Hunter himself.

“Get a towel, put it over his head and calm it down. And that’s exactly what I did,”Trinh stated.

It is also a blessing that the doting father happens to be an MMA fighter.

“The first thing was trying to shut the mouth and trying to get it on his back, which is what I do with jiu-jitsu,”Trinh stated. 

Trinh has never called animal control. He took the gator and put it in his truck before releasing it some distance in a pond.

Kaitlyn made it to her first day of middle school — with quite a story to tell.

Experts warn against humans approaching alligators. They recommend calling animal control.