Texas Homeowner Faces Catalytic Converter Thief.


Texas man fed up by thieves on his property decided to take the law into his own hand when he saw a man trying to steal his van’s catalyst converter.

Clay Hayner of Dallas was watching his home security camera when he saw the suspected thief approach his vehicle and crawl underneath. Hayner grabbed a pole of metal and ran outside.

“I looked under the van, and I saw a body there. And then he looked at me, and he had the knife in his hand, so I just went and started hitting him,”Hayner stated.

The suspect yelled. “I’m leaving!”Before you run off and break free.

Hayner believes that the man was looking for his car’s catalytic convertor, which can be sold for up to $1,500. Hayner says that it wasn’t the first person to try to get it in the past year.

“This is the fourth time this has happened. My adrenaline had just taken over — just all the frustration from the past year just kind of built up, and I just let him have it,”Hayner stated.

Hayner said that it was not in his thoughts to get hurt.

“My first instinct was just to hurt him and stop him from trying to take my stuff,”Hayner stated.

The suspect also left behind a bag full of power tools.

The theft of catalytic converters has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 epidemic. Inside Edition found that criminals were cutting off converters from cars all over the country in an investigation last year.

What can you do to protect your vehicle from thieves? Experts recommend installing a shield of metal to stop criminals from entering your vehicle.

Hayner claims he would do it again if given the opportunity.

“This time I would catch him and hold onto him,”Hayner stated.

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