Texas Man Cops Confirm That He Was Shot Over Parking Space


Police in Texas say that a man was shot and is now recovering after being involved in a brawl over a parking space. 

Shane Post was just dropped off by a work friend, who said he briefly pulled into a spot at the townhouse complex in Dallas.

Post went inside and a neighbor in a bathrobe came out, security camera video shows. Police say he was furious because the pickup truck was parked in his assigned space.

Shane’s wife, Irina, came outside carrying their 3-month-old daughter Penelope to see what was going on.

“Shane was telling him, ‘You need to chill out. We were parked here for literally 2 seconds,’”Irina spoke. 

As Shane stepped forward, the neighbor suddenly pulled a gun out of his bathrobe and fired a single shot, hitting Shane’s torso.

“I thought that initially, that it was fake, [like] it was not a real bullet, because there was no blood or anything,”Irina spoke.

Shane was able to stand up as his wife, who was still holding the baby, ran to him.

“I got in front of him, and I also started screaming, ‘Stop!’”Irina spoke.

The neighbor retreated, but he sounded furious. “Get out of my spot now,”He stated.

Shane’s mother is in disbelief. “I can’t process it, someone shooting him over a parking space,”She spoke.

Inside Edition spoke with her and her son, who were both wounded, from the hospital.

“He had all intentions on coming out there, pointing his gun and killing me,”Shane stated.

Shane was injured in the liver, colon, pancreas, and urethra. He claims that the bullet remains in his body. 

Nicky Brown (his neighbor) was taken into police custody and booked for aggravated attack with a deadly instrument.

Irina reports that Brown, who was released on $150,000 bail and Shane is still recovering from his injuries after he was injured, has returned to the house next door.

Irina states that the couple will move together as soon as her husband is discharged from the hospital.

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