Texas, Ms.. Me, Rapper Found Shot to Death


The family of a Houston rapper is looking for help to identify her killer after she was found shot dead outside her car. Porche Brock Mendoza (32), also known as Ms. Me was found shot to death outside her car on July 9, at 8:30 p.m. While the car was in gear, it had struck a trash pile as well as a mailbox. 

“She was headed places and she didn’t deserve to be left in the street like a dog,”Gloria Brock, Mendoza’s sister told ABC13. “It devastated us. You can’t prepare for pain like this.”

Houston police reported that witnesses saw a silver sedan leaving the scene after the shooting. Mendoza’s sister and father still haven’t received any answers, so no arrests have been made.”It would help me be stronger for my parents because I’m lost,”Brock stated.

Mendoza was the father of two boys, aged 8 and 10. The victim’s family has requested information and videos in order to assist police in locating the killer.

“Life will never be the same. I just wish I had answers. That’s it. I want answers. I have none,”Brock stated. Friends and family gathered at Houston’s George T. Park on July 16th at 7 p.m. for a vigil to honor Mendoza. 

Her family also started a charitable foundation. GoFundMe to raise funds for her sons and “are requesting help in Porsche burial…We would like give her the memorial she deserves to honor her memory and say our last goodbyes!”The page is read. 

“We need to raise $10,000+ before July 25, 2022, in order to be able to afford the funeral service and support her sons.”Police ask anyone with information to contact the Homicide Division, 713-308-3600, Crime Stoppers, 713-222 TIPS.

On April 15, another aspiring Houston rapper was killed by gun violence. The victim was found dead by a neighbor who saw blood on the ground as he tried to help him. Houston police arrived on the scene at 1:05 p.m. to discover that the victim had been shot at least once earlier. ABC13.

Investigators learned from neighbors that they heard gunshots around 4:30 AM. Since it was dark outside, and gunshots are quite common, no one went outside to investigate.

A neighbor later discovered a car with broken windows in his driveway. His neighbor was found bleeding in his home when he went to check next door. C. Duncan, a HPD detective, confirmed that the home was equipped for recording.

“I don’t know why this happened,”A friend of the victim unidentified said this. “I have no idea because everybody loved him. Everybody liked him.”The man last posted about his music career on social media hours before the shooting.