Texas Teen Crashes Car In Nebraska, Mom’s Bodily Found in Trunk: Cops


Authorities said that the search for a missing Texas mother and her son ended violently after their son crashed into the car of his family in Nebraska. His mother was also in the wreckage and was discovered in the trunk.

Michelle Roenz and Tyler Roenz disappeared last week from Humble, Texas. Manfred Roenz reported that Tyler Roenz’s 17-yearold son and his wife were missing, as well as the family’s Mazda. According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office 

Authorities said that the man also reported finding blood and human tooth inside the house.

Officials say that investigators found evidence of charges against Michelle’s credit card from Oklahoma, Texas, and Dallas. The black Mazda was the subject of a nationwide alert by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Nebraska State Police, the Texas county had informed them that the vehicle was in Texas on Friday. Troopers located and pulled over the Mazda, but the driver kept going. The chase lasted more than 110 mph, and culminated when the car hit a semi before hitting a tree.

According to authorities, Tyler Roenz was driving and was seriously hurt. According to police, the trunk contained a body later identified as his mother.

Police said Tyler is still in critical condition in Nebraska. Authorities stated that Michelle died due to blunt force trauma and strangulation.

According to the sheriff’s Office, the teen will be extradited from Texas to face a charge of unauthorized use of vehicle once his condition improves. According to Inside Edition Digital, Deputy Thomas Gilliland stated that he is expected to face murder charges in connection with the death of his mother.


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