Texas Walmart Found Urn with Human Remains


The owner of the urn, which contains the ashes of a deceased loved one, was discovered in a McKinney Walmart, Texas, Walmart, is currently being searched. CBS News reported.

CBS News reported that the holy object was found by customers of the superstore and that employees have been trying to find its owner non-stop, CBS News reported.

“Someone had found this over in the fabrics and crafts section, maybe somebody set it on the shelf looking for another container and accidentally left it there,”Ginny Long, a Walmart employee, told CBS News. “It’s kind of heartbreaking, I just wish I could get it back to the people it belongs to.”

The urn had the words “Mom’s ashes” written on the back, along with a date, CBS News reported.

Employees think someone might have brought the urn in, put it down while looking for a different container in the ceramics section of the store and somehow forgot about it, Dallas News reported.

Walmart’s website does show that the store in fact sells various urns, which makes the employees’ speculation all the more plausible.

Shockingly, despite word getting out around town and now on national news, no one has come forward to claim it.

“It has never been asked about by anyone, or said that someone is missing one.” Long told CBS News. “I know if it was my mother, I would like to have it, not to lose it somewhere.”

Perhaps it was the late person’s final wish to be inside a Walmart for all of eternity.


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