Thailand Destructive Monsoon Season Flood Victims Receive Reliefs From Paragliders!


It’s an unusual mission, but one with a stunning view for those bringing relief to flood victims trapped in their homes.

Paramotorists or paragliders have taken to the skies in Thailand to deliver food and supplies to one of the provinces hard hit by recent floods.

These thrill-seeking do-gooders shared a bird’s-eye view of their work on social media. They also gave a glimpse of the situation on the ground, which they say is the worst flooding they’ve seen in years.

Meanwhile, on the ground, it’s a race to protect historical sites from the rising floodwaters.

Soldiers filled sandbags and lined a river near ancient and ruined temples that are part of a UNESCO world heritage site.

Monsoon rains and a tropical storm have caused the river to swell, causing fears that the ruins could face damage from rot and mold.

Seasonal rain took its toll on the monuments in 1995 and 2011, and now local authorities are trying to prevent any more destruction of these world treasures.

Monsoon season, which runs from July to October, causes millions of dollars worth of damage to Thailand every year.

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