Thanksgiving Grandma & Man, She Mistakenly texted Reunited for 6th Years


Pass the turkey and some tissues, because the Internet’s most wholesome friendship has come together to celebrate their sixth Thanksgiving meal this year.  

2016: Back Jamal Hinton, now 22, and Wanda Dench, now 64, struck up an adorable friendship after she accidentally invited him to Thanksgiving dinner thinking that she was texting her grandson. 

When Hinton, who was taking a math test when Dench first texted him, asked if he could come over for the holiday meal anyway, Dench agreed. After Hinton posted about their friendship, it quickly went viral. their sweet storyvia Twitter and started a Thanksgiving tradition which has been continuing ever since.

It also includes this year, when Hinton tweeted they were “all set for [their]An 6th year“Reunion on Nov. He also shared a screenshot of his texts with ‘Grandma Wanda’ confirming that he and his partner, Mikaela Grubbs, would be visiting on Thanksgiving Day.  

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