The 13 Most Powerful Anime Characters


There are many powerful characters in anime that fans have been comparing for decades. Each one is strong in their own ways, but which one is the most powerful? The answer depends on who you ask. Here are 13 of the most powerful protagonists and antagonists ever.


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13. Jotaro Kujo — ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’

Jotaro Kujo and Star Platinum

Source: David Productions

The Joestar family suffered for generations under the sway of Dio Brando. JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureJotaro Kujo defeated him. He and his Stand Star Platinum, alongside Joesph Joestar and their allies, were not able to defeat all the enemies.

12. Eren Yeager — ‘Attack On Titan’

Eren Yeager and His Titan Form

Source: Wit Studio

Eren Yeager, in his Titan form, is Attack on TitanHe was someone you wouldn’t want to mess around with. While it took him some time before he could control his power and use his power at will, he was eventually capable of developing new abilities that only made his character stronger. This enabled him to defeat many of his enemies. It was his death that finally ended the war between Titans, humans.

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11. Monkey D. Luffy — ‘One Piece’

Monkey D. Luffy

Source: Toei Animation

Monkey D. Luffy One PieceThe anime has seen him grow stronger and more powerful over the years. He is known for his devastating punches, some of which are as powerful as Onigashima. His defense can be increased to the point that attacks can bounce off him.

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10. Muzan Kibutsuji — ‘Demon Slayer’

Muzan Kibutsuji

Source: Ufotable

The most powerful demon known to man Demon SlayerMuzan Kibutsuji, who has been able to kill thousands of people to achieve his status, isn’t afraid anymore to do so to preserve his power. We know that he can read minds and kill his fellow demons, without ever touching them. He can also do this in ways that can cause them to be mutilated from the inside.

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9. Meliodas – ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’


Source: Netflix

Meliodas will have the body of an adult man for life, but don’t let his appearance fool your eyes. He is the Demon King’s son and can kill anyone he wishes, even his father. Not only is he one of the Seven Deadly Sins’ most powerful members, but he also has the ability to kill his father. “Full Counter”Attack also represents anything that might come his way, regardless of how powerful.

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8. Father – ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’


Source: Bones

What number of anime characters can you name that have claimed to have absorbed God? Father from includes this feat, and other amazing feats. Fullmetal AlchemistHe is one of the greatest characters ever created. He can manipulate the environment to make any weapon he likes, and he killed all of Xerxes to accomplish his goals.

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7. Satoru Gojo — ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Satoru Gojo

Source: MAPPA

It’s hard to believe you’re powerful if you can’t even use one eye. SatoruGojo Jujutsu KaisenThe show’s greatest jujutsu magician. He is the first person to be able to inherit the Limitless and Six Eyes abilities. He must keep his eyes closed when he isn’t using his powers fully because it can cause him to tire prematurely.

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6. Saitama — ‘One Punch Man’


Source: Madhouse

Saitama, protagonist of One Punch ManHe is the strongest character in anime. Because he can kill his enemies with one hit, he is the reason anime got its name. Although he is not able to defeat his enemies with this much power, he can still fight until he struggles to stand, unlike many main characters.

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5. Kaguya Otsutsuki — ‘Naruto’

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Source: Studio Pierrot

Naruto has to help her take down this antagonist. It’s clear that she’s not even from the planet. She was once the Rabbit Goddess, but she became the Ten Tails after merging to the God Tree. So she is basically unbeatable.

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4. Yhwach Bach — ‘Bleach’

Yhwach Bach

Source: Studio Pierrot

Yhwach Bach is the only person on this list that has a Yhwach. BleachHe is the only one capable of distributing parts of his soul. He can touch people to help them use his abilities. He looks almost like All For One with a different face.

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3. Alucard — ‘Hellsing’


Source: Gonzo

Alucard, Aka Dracula, is immortal. He has an army souls that he can call at will and demon dogs. Although he has dual-wielding pistols, he is also capable of ripping apart his enemies by hand.

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2. Son Goku — ‘Dragon Ball’

Son Goku

Source: Toei Animation

Let’s face it, Goku is an iconic character. Everyone compares him to everyone else. He’s a Super Saiyan and has saved the lives of many people. Dragon Ball. Because of his Ultra Instinct, it is literally possible for him to have the Power of Gods. That’s more than many people can claim.

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1. Grand Zeno – ‘Dragon Ball Super’

Grand Zeno

Source: Toei Animation

While we all know that many people liken every anime hero to Goku, there is someone more powerful than him. Grand Zeno is from Dragon Ball SuperGoku can do more than Goku, even creating and destroying people whenever he likes. Is it really necessary to be strong when your abilities are able to eliminate any obstacle in your path? We don’t believe so.

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