The 17-year-old paralysed cheerleader is determined not to give up and walk again, despite all odds


A teen from Texas has a simple, inspiring goal for 2022: She wants to walk. 

Makayla Noble, 17 years old, is a world-class Cheerleader whose skills dazzled anyone who saw her. Then, in an instant, her life changed when she was practicing flips at a friend’s house ahead of the Homecoming Pep Rally. 

Makayla said she fell on her neck and face, inflicting a severe injury to her spinal cord. 

“I knew instantly that I was paralyzed,” Makayla said. 

Doctors told her it was unlikely that she would ever walk again, but she’s determined to prove them wrong.

Makayla now documents every step of her journey on social media. Her athleticism, overall health, and perseverance helped her through difficult rehab. 

Jen and Greg, Jen’s parents believe their daughter can succeed if she can. 

“I believe in her, and I know that if it’s up to her, she will put in the hard work and she will do everything physically that she can do to walk again,”Jen.

Inside Edition cameras were there when Makayla’s hometown of Prosper, Texas, honored her spirit and her determination by declaring “Makayla Noble Day.”

She was also reunited to the first responders who came to her rescue on September 7, last year.

Makayla believes everything happens for an explanation and that she will make the most of this new reality. 

“We’re all struggling with something. Even if I’m able to help one person or a million people, I want to be able to do that,” Makayla said.

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