The 3 Weeks of Russian Bombardment Continues to Hurt Ukraine’s Fight for Mariupol


Although the people of Mariupol aren’t abandoning their city, after three weeks of heavy bombardment, it is now almost gone. Russia has basically leveled the area, strategically located between Crimea & the eastern part Ukraine.

Invaders destroyed nearly the entire city. Three-quarters fled the city, while 100,000 are still trapped.

Amazingly, the Russians are yet to conquer it.

New footage shows the Ukrainian army counter-attacking. The skirmish occurred on the outskirts Kyiv. According to the Ukrainians, they claim that they have retaken ground from the Russians who are apparently running out of supplies.

CNN reported that the bodies of fallen Russian soldiers were found in a refrigerated truck.

Music is a popular way for many Ukrainians to find solace. One cellist played a touching melody in the ruins at Kharkiv. Children sang together in Kyiv. Odessa had a drummer playing as citizens loaded sandbags onto their trucks.

On the front lines, there was an occasion for celebration when two soldiers from the trenches joined hands and tied the knot in front their comrades in arms.

Antony Blinken Secretary of State said Wednesday that the U.S. determined Russian troops had committed war crimes. He will be working to hold them responsible. 

Joe Biden flew to Europe with NATO leaders, and will be meeting them in Brussels on Thursday. He’ll also make a stop in Poland where he will witness firsthand the dire situation of the Ukrainian refugees.  

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