The Accused Delphi Killer is a ‘Local Guy,’ Prosecutors


It took five years, but cops say they’ve finally cracked the case of two young teens found dead near a railroad bridge in Delphi, Indiana.

Officials arrested Richard Allen, 50, and charged him with 2017 murders of Abigail, 13-years-old. “Abby”Williams and Liberty, 14 years old “Libby” German.

Abby’s grandfather wept at a Monday news conference. Becky Patty, Libby’s grandmother, was also there and spoke to reporters.

“I don’t feel like I thought I would. I’ve always said that I would be screaming from the rooftops, but we’re not. It’s sad,”Patty said.

Although Allen was released without bond by authorities, they kept tight-lipped on details of the murder case America has been following for over five years.

Allen lives only two miles from where the girls were slain. 

“It’s concerning that he’s a local guy,”Nicholas McLeland, Carroll County Prosecutor, said.

Allen worked at a local CVS Drug Store and even processed photos that Libby had selected for her funeral. Becky Patty said he didn’t charge the family when they came into the store to claim the photos.

“People who we’ve talked to from this town, who interacted with him, had nothing but pleasant things to say about him — just being a nice, quiet individual,”Aine Cain, cohost on True Crime Podcast “The Murder Sheet.”

One photo shows Allen’s child at the railway tracks they went to on the day they were murdered. Another grainy video captures their alleged killer saying. “Down the Hill.”One year later, Allen’s daughter was photographed at the tracks. This photo was then posted on Facebook. It is not clear that she may have any connection to the murders.

A remarkable photo of Allen with a police sketch hanging in the background.

Joe Saurynck, a retired high school teacher, is Allen’s neighbor. He also knows Libby’s and Abby’s families.

“I’m sure that it brings some solace to them,”Saurynck stated.

Allen has pleaded not guilt and police claim that the investigation remains ongoing.

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