The Adventure Zone makes big changes for the new season


The Adventure Zone Podcast is making some major changes for its next season. This news is shocking to long-time listeners. Justin McElroy will be the game master in the next season, according to the McElroy family. They will also be playing a new tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG), called Blades in Dark.

The Adventure ZoneIt is one of most popular podcasts about actual play. But the McElroys have not hesitated to make things interesting. Travis McElroy and Brothers Giffin have both GM’d. Dungeons & DragonsCamaigns and experimented together with other TTRPGs with Clint McElroy, their father. However, fans had all but given up hope on hearing the eldest brother Justin McElroy run a game – until now. Justin not only writes and runs an arc called “Steeplechase,”He is introducing listeners and viewers to a critically acclaimed TTRPG program that has never been used before.

One has been released so far by the family “session zero”From episode to prime fans “Steeplechase”And Blades in Dark. Steeplechase takes place in a fantasyland reminiscent of Westworld. Justin also mentioned it in an earlier episode. The park is marked on a map. On the family websiteThe latest podcast episode features some new characters and aspects of the story.

As for Blades in DarkThe game was designed by John Harper and published in 2017 by Evil Hat Productions. It features a European-inspired fantasy world with technology that is similar to the industrial revolution. The game also includes undead spirits. The game challenges players to assume criminal-like characters and perform heists and other skullduggery.

Justin has made these principles work in his own context, using more advanced technology. This seems like a great fit for the set-up episode. However, only time will tell if it actually works in real play. It is hoped that it will go well. Justin seems to prefer an extended campaign over one of the shorter episodes. None of their campaigns has yet to match the first arc’s length or scope. “Balance,”But “Graduation”And “Ethersea”Both were in use for more than one year.

The Adventure ZoneIt premieres every Thursday and can be downloaded for free from most podcast player apps. The show will be available on a biweekly basis.

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