The Amazing Story of Ben Affleck, The Man Who Officiated Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding


Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck just celebrated their union once again in a lavish wedding on the actor’s sprawling Georgia estate. The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas, but the A-listers hosted a larger event. “I do”In front of their family and friends. But as a special detail, the couple’s nuptials were officiated by Jay ShettyThe world-famous motivational speaker and coach,

Jay Shetty Met Jennifer Lopez On His Show

Jay Shetty hosted Jennifer Lopez in an episode of his YouTube series before she officiated her star-studded marriage. Coach Conversations. They fell in love and Shetty hosted Lopez on his podcast again just a few months later. On Purpose. Lopez and Shetty had deep conversations during that interview.

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Lopez collaborated again with Shetty earlier this year. Promoting her film Get married to meThe singer had a quadruple marriage and asked Shetty to officiate.

“It was seeing 4 beautiful couples take their vows and having Jennifer Lopez and @maluma as their wedding singers! Their stories and journeys brought tears to everyone’s eyes and I’m so grateful I got to be a part of it,”Shetty shared the moment on Instagram.

Lopez and Shetty were able to join forces again this weekend to make sure that Ben Affleck’s nuptials went smoothly. Why did Lopez decide to work with Shetty first? The life coach is not well-known to many people.

He Used To Live In A Monastery

Jay Shetty is from India and was born in England. Shetty met a monk while attending North London business school. He was invited to speak at university. Shetty described this experience as life-changing. He would spend the next three year living in a Mumbai monastery, following a Vedic monk lifestyle.

He then left the business world behind to become a monk. He continued to live a modest life for three years. He spent hours a day studying, meditation, and serving the community. He felt that his calling led him back to the UK.

Shetty’s website describes his struggles in the first year after leaving the monastery. Shetty describes his first years after leaving the monastery as having no income and facing rejection from businesses. He also struggles to find a platform that will allow him to share what he has learned on his spiritual journey.

He attributes his success to self-awareness and gratitude

According to his life coach, he persevered due to his ability to remain positive.

“Self-awareness can change how you see everything,”He wrote it on his website. “Gratitude wasn’t just a concept, it boosted my immune system, mood, and quality of sleep. Mastering the mind didn’t just make me feel calm, it helped me manage negativity and overcome overthinking.”

Shetty is now the host of an award-winning podcast called “His Book Podcast”. Think Like a MonkThe #1 New York Times bestseller and the author of “The Greatest American Novelist”, he also appeared on the ForbesThe 30 Under 30 List. He also seems to be a promising career as a celebrity officiant. Shetty has officiated five total weddings through Jennifer Lopez. Lily Collins enlisted his services to her own wedding last summer.

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