The Bachelorette: What Did Logan Do When He Joined Team Gabby


Logan was out of dodge once host Jesse PalmerRachel was comforted by his presence. “I feel like I’m failing in my role as The Bachelorette,”She told him. Rachel decided to cancel the group date despite a pep talk by the ex-football star.

Gabby had to be told by Logan after he told Rachel. Gabby was not upset at the news after Logan explained the situation.

“You were our only overlap in the beginning,”Logan was surprised to hear from Gabby. “You were the only one that both of felt like we could comfortably say, ‘I’m into him.’ That night, when you had come over and kissed both of us, it sounded like you and her and a really great conversation. I completely backed away.”

Gabby and Rachel linked up immediately afterward and while Rachel told Gabby that she wanted her to keep Logan around if she saw a future with him, she revealed just the opposite in confessional, saying, “I really hope Gabby sends him home.”


Before that evening’s after-party, Logan switched sides and made his presence known to Gabby’s suitors. They were not very pleased, with ErichTheorizing about less-than honest intentions and insinuating them. “Maybe he’s the most calculated dude here.”

Rachel was able to relax that evening at the afterparty despite the drama. TinoThey had a great one-on-one meeting the next day. Aven, He was presented with a rose by her.

Gabby had a lovely one on-one date with her. JohnnyHe received a rose from the Rose Garden in. and a date with the other guys, which involved making Belgian waffles and playing soccer. Gabby gave Gabby her afterparty rose. Nate.

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