The Bachelor’s Matt & Rachael Share Valentine’s Gift Day Picks


E!: What do you love about shopping at Amazon?
RK: They have everything you need and they keep adding more brands. Every day I am amazed by the brands that Amazon carries. I didn’t realize they had Michael Kors, New Balance, Doc Martens, and Coach. There are so many good brands on there. They have very quick shipping, which is great for last-minute gift-givers too. There’s really something for everyone. We showed stuff for fashion, electronics, and home stuff. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can find a good gift on there or find something great for yourself.

MJ: There are not a lot of places where you can shop for everyone in your life. With Amazon, it’s easy to include everybody. If it’s that easy for us, then it’s like it’s going to be easy for everyone. I’ve been a Prime member forever. It’s the best. I’ve just gotten used to getting things practically instantly thanks to Amazon. And, as Rachael said, it’s the perfect place for last-minute shoppers.

E!: What are some items you shop from Amazon on repeat?
RK: I buy a lot of my skincare and makeup there. My favorite sunscreen that I use every single day is something I cannot run out of. I literally use it every single day. It’s so nice to know that I can just get it in a day or two. I rely on Amazon for hair products, body products, nail stuff, and kitchen items. And, of course, there are those household things that you just buy on a regular basis, like paper towels. Just ordering those from Amazon is the easiest way to go.

I buy a lot of repeat items, but Amazon is a place that really gets me to try new products. I get sucked into reading the reviews and the automated recommendations are always on point. I am more likely to try new items on Amazon than anywhere else because  I will get it in a day or two. That “Buy Now” button can be dangerous sometimes. I also like the instant gratification of being able to try all of these products I learned about on TikTok.

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