The Bear’s Matty Matheson Loves This Affordable Kitchen Tool


Matty Matheson Kitchen Q&A


MM: Kitchens are special because we all need food. Food, shelter and clothing are all essential. It’s something I believe is so important to have a home and be able cook food that nourishes you. The best place to spend time is in the kitchen. Everyone ends up in the kitchen at a house party. Everyone is there when you cook. It is the heartbeat of the house. It’s a wonderful room. It is my favorite room. It’s my favorite room. I love cooking with my family and my parents. It’s the best.


MM: I think spreading out the cooking takes the best part of my advice. Enjoy Thanksgiving without having to cook every dish on the actual day. You can make sweet potato, savory stuffing, and other items a day in advance. The day of, you only have to cook the turkey. You can also pre-make your sides a few days ahead of time so you don’t have too much to do. It’s easy to take all the ingredients, put them in casserole dishes, and heat it up. Then you can enjoy Thanksgiving instead of catering for family and friends. It is important to plan your picnic as well as possible.


MM: We order from Kings Noodle in Toronto twice a week. Congee, roasted pork and snow pea shoots are some of the breakfast items we order from Kings Noodle in Toronto. It’s only once or twice a week. Uber Eats is always available at the office so you can order anything. Uber Eats is my go-to place for ordering at least one meal per day.

E!: What’s a lesson you find yourself learning over and over again in the kitchen?

MM: Patience. It is important to have patience, take your time and allow things to cook. Being patient is key to success in the kitchen whether you are at home or at work.

E!E! Bear?

MM: I think just working with other people, being truly collaborative and working with amazing people and doing something I’ve never done before. It’s something I’ve never done before. While I have worked on TV with unscripted material and traveled, I was unable to shoot a TV series that had nearly 100 people. I learned a lot from them all. It was amazing to learn, hang out, contribute, and collaborate every day with these incredible people, from prop and set, culinary, and cooking, as well as the actors. It’s amazing to be able help, listen, learn, and participate in a field similar to restaurant service. It’s the same thing, where we want to entertain people. It is an amazing experience to work with a large number of people. Although it’s not always an amazing experience, I enjoy working with people. I enjoy meeting new people, working alongside new people, and trying new things. It’s amazing.


MM: Martha is the boss of all bosses. I am constantly mesmerized by this person, this demigod. Her genius is amazing. It is amazing to witness someone create their world and then have so many people benefit from it. Martha’s work is something I admire. If I can do 10% as much as she has in her career, then I will be content.


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