The Beijing Winter Olympics will feature robots serving food and beverages to ensure COVID Safety


To make this year’s Olympics safer, a fleet of robots was unleashed. 

Beijing will host the Winter Games. The food services have been redesigned to promote social distancing and decrease the number of workers. 

Robots will run the canteen. Instead of serving food cafeteria-style at the canteen, orders will be placed and food delivered from above. Plates will drop to the table right at the table. 

You want a drink with your lunch? You can order it right now. Once you place your order, a robot mixes, shakes, and pours drinks in under 90 seconds. And a human barback is on hand to help with finishing touches that the robot isn’t able to do. 

Need delivery? It’s possible. A mini-fridge-looking bot will roll meals right to customers’ doors. To retrieve their order, they need to punch in a code.

And don’t forget dessert. A sweet machine offers anyone who has a sweet tooth soft-serve through its personal disco window. 

Remember, the Olympics are a celebration.

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