The ‘Bering Sea Gold’Fist fight explained


Kris Kelly
Haylee Thorson - Author

While Discovery’s long-standing reality series Bering Sea Gold certainly doesn’t have a shortage of foul language and feuds, Season 15 introduced a new development in Episode 7 — fist fights.

The spiralling tension between Shawn Pomrenke (the Kelly family) reached Nome Harbor and led to punches. Blood and a 911 Call. What exactly happened? Let’s find out.

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Shawn Pomrenke

Shawn Pomrenke argued with Andy Kelly, and it escalated into a fight on “Bering Sea Gold.”

Season 15, Episode 7 “Brawl of Duty,”The feud between Shawn Pomrenke, Kellys, took a bad turn.

Shawn threatened Shawn to call the police as Andy Kelly approached Shawn in Nome’s harbor. Andy was compelled to confront his foe. Shawn yelled. “Get the f–k out of my face,”Andy was choked and hit by the sand, prompting Andy to push him into a nearby boat.

Shawn was initially stunned, but he continued to encourage Andy from the boat. Then Kris Kelly arrived and joined Andy.

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Shawn emerged from his boat and Andy started to fight. “Grab him and throw him over to the side, Andy!”Kris yelled. With blood staining Andy’s teeth and mustache, he smiled at his enemy, practically begging him to throw another punch.

Shawn eventually stood down and the three of them got into a heated argument about where to mine and who was the first to touch the other. Shawn was irritated when Kris claimed Shawn had come down to cause trouble.

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The brothers told Shawn that he’ll going to go to jail for assault, but then Andy pushed Shawn into the water and punched him in the face when he returned to the dock. Shawn was finally released by Shawn after Andy made more aggressive advances on Shawn. Kris only urged him to stop.

The episode ended with Shawn and the Kelly brothers racing to call 911 and report their altercation first.

This isn’t the first time one of the Kellys has gotten into legal trouble for physical violence.

In February 2022, Andy and Kris’s father, Brad Kelly, was arrested for brutal domestic violence.

According to the police report, TMZAfter an argument, Brad hit the mother of his child in her head, while she was asleep, and she woke in a pool blood. According to the reality star’s statement, she had fallen on the table and hit her head. But, he was charged by police with second-degree domestic abuse.

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The Bering Sea GoldCaptain was sentenced to four-years in prison. However, he can reduce that to eight months with five years probation if he behaves well behind bars.

Check out new episodes to find out if Shawn, Kris and Andy can overcome their differences and move on from the past. Bering Sea GoldTuesdays at 8 pm ET ET on Discovery

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