The Big Divide Between Black And White Gen X – The Woods


A TikTok highlighted the differences between Gen X’s white and black members in the most humorous way. Did you ever go “into the woods”Are you a friend of your childhood pals or do you know nothing about the place and the reasons that the people who went there follow a code that prohibits them from sharing the details? 

What’s the Deal? ‘The Woods’What about Gen X?

Gen X TikToker Khadeeja Morse dared to ask: what’s all this about “the woods?!”Morse is Black and posted a video on Stitch, a popular social network app. He tried to find out what the other members of Gen X were doing in the woods when they were teens.

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TikTok user #julieanderson426 began the video, reading comments such as, “Who’s leaking info about the woods?! We don’t speak of the woods.”She laughed loudly and read another, “Another one she said.” “We don’t talk about the woods!” That’s when Morse’s video picks up. 

“Uh, my Gen X TikTok, could somebody translate here?”She asks. “What is the deal with ‘the woods?’ I mean, I keep seeing all these comments. I know I wasn’t going out in the woods. I bet you may not have been going out either.”

Don’t Talk About ‘The Woods’

She continues “I would ask our white counterparts but honey, apparently we are not supposed to be asking anything about it because we are not supposed to be speaking about it. But could somebody please translate for a sister, cause I do not know what the deal is with the woods and what all the conversation is.” 

Despite being forbidden to speak about it, people in the comments section were happy to help. “the woods.” One comment explained, “We don’t talk about the woods because most of us can’t remember what we did in there but we know it was fun.”

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Others were more open to comments, with one person admitting. “Where the parties happened and you ended up in a field dying from alcohol poisoning…. but make it home instead. Lol,”Morse replied with several crying-laughing emoticons. 

While a lot of Gen X experiences are pretty universal: permed hair, distressed/acid washed denim everything, and latchkey kid status, there’s clearly a limit to just how much this generation has in common with each other. However, each teen, regardless their race or other descriptors has their own unique place where they can exercise their independence. This freedom ties members of this generation together in ways that are unlike any other. 

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