The ‘Blue Bloods Showrunner’ Reveals if Tom Selleck and Frank Reagan Will Find Romance


There is not much space for romance in Blue Bloods lately, especially after Jamie and Eddie finally married. The Reagan family’s single members have been too focused on keeping the NYPD safe and stopping crime to enjoy dates. Kevin Wade, showrunner, said that it is unlikely that things will change in the near future.

Monday TVLineOne of the fan questions in’s roundup included one from a Blue BloodsViewer who wanted to find out if Tom Selleck’s commissioner Frank Reagan would ever get involved in a relationship. We know that Frank is a widower, since Mary’s death in 2005. This season, TVLine Wade was asked about possible romances for Frank, Det. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg). “Ehhhh… not really,”Wade was the only one to respond.

Although it is natural that Frank would be too busy as the commissioner for the largest police force of the country, Danny’s single status has been disappointing to some fans. Danny has been alone since Linda (Amy Carlson), his wife, died between Seasons 7 & 8. Many fans wanted to see Danny with Det. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), but the introduction of the medium Maggie (Callie Thorne) has brought another option to the table. Maggie returned to the show for the Oct. 21 episode. “Ghosted”And she kept building her relationship with Danny.

Exclusive interview with PopCulture.comWade said earlier this year that it would have been boring to begin a second workplace relationship between Danny, Baez and Will Estes so soon after Jamie’s and Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray), marriage. The executive producer pointed out that many of the Reagans are too tied to their jobs.

“They are out there; they’re married to their jobs,”Wade explained it to us. “And that goes back beyond Blue Bloods to the sort of classic model of the American private eye or the dedicated cop. There is always, [in] any good cop movie, the guy on the verge of retirement, his wife divorced him years ago. He’s either battling the bottle, or he already beat that bottle, and they’re alone. That’s partly what drives them to be good at their jobs.”

Baez and Danny might not be together, but Marisa Ramirez said in March 2021 that they were dating. “such a beautiful thing” together. “I’m so excited to be at work with him and to feel safe with someone who knows me because I feel like I keep my guard up with other actors, or crew, or whoever, and this is a place where I can let it down,” Ramirez said. “It feels very safe and comfortable.”

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