The Body of a Teen who went missing after meeting up with someone on Instagram is believed to be found by police


The body of a 15-year-old boy who was reported missing last week in Georgia was found in a backyard along Saganaw Drive in Rex. Authorities suspect that the body belonged to Logan Wade, a teenage boy who was reported missing last week in Georgia. WSB-TV reported.

On Oct. 7, the teen moved out of his home to meet someone he had met via Instagram. “Shrek”Authorities say he purchased marijuana at a Krispy Kreme in his hometown, but he has never returned.

Authorities said they found a body matching Wade’s description in the woods behind a home on Tuesday afternoon. The body was shot to death.

“I know social media chatter is going on, but we believe this to be Mr. Wade. At this point, we are actually trying to get DNA confirmation on whether or not it’s him,”Maj. Anthony Thuman, Clayton County Police Department.

Wade’s mother, Lisa Morris, called her son a “good boy”He is not the person he used to be “portrayed to be,”She spoke to WSB-TV.

Authorities said Wade brought his dad’s gun to meet up with “Shrek.”

“My son was not a drug dealer or gangbanger. That’s not who he was. He was a friend to everybody. He met no stranger,” Morris said.

Wade’s family hopes the person who did this is brought to justice. The police said that they have people of concern in the case and other individuals who are willing to cooperate with the investigation.

The official cause of death is still unknown.

“The people that are responsible need to pay for what they did, so they can’t do this to anybody else’s family,” Morris said. “He deserved to have a future full of good things. Not to lose his life at 15 years old.”