The Bride Wears a Family Heirloom Wedding Dress Passed down 8 Times


This wedding dress has seen a lot of wear!

The same gown has been worn by eight women in the same family for the past seven decades. It started with the late Adele Larson, who purchased the satin gown for her wedding in 1950 for just $100.

Ellie was then able to pass it on to her sister. “I do”In 1953. It was then passed to Sharon, their younger sister, 16 years later.

The eighties and nineties saw the second generation of brides wearing the dress, with Larson’s daughter Sue in 1982 and Ellie’s daughters Carol in 1990 and Jean in 1991.

Sharon’s daughter Julie wore this dress in 2013.

72 years later, Serena was the eighth bride to wear the family heirloom and the third generation to do so at her wedding last month.

Stitched in blue inside the dress are all of the women’s names and wedding dates.

“My dress was my something borrowed, my something blue, my something old,”Serena stated.

So far, happy marriages have been made by the dress. The women hope that the tradition continues for many more years.

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