The Chase contestant rejects £60k in final gamble as fans fume over ‘pointless’ stint


A player on today’s instalment of The Chase left viewers baffled after rejecting an offer of £60,000 from chaser Anne Hegerty.

After the elimination of 3 contestants, Jamie, a Grimsby policeman, was left standing.

After consulting presenter Bradley Walsh he decided to reject Anne’s offer and keep the £6k.

Jamie continued to the final round where he eventually lost his £6k and went home empty handed.

Twitter was taken by viewers of the show to express disbelief at his decision.

One wrote: “@ITVChase last man standing, surely you would go high. Jeez.”

Another thought: “Last man standing ??? Go big or go home !!!!!!!!!!.”

The third was: “Eh, 6k really. You’re the only one left. Has to be the high offer. Idiot!”

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