The Chase fans floored as celeb team beat Shaun Wallace and win £74,000 for charity


Chase fans were left stunned when Shaun Wallace was defeated by celebrities in the final round.

Celeb players Scott Mills, Louise Minchin and Gareth Malone made the final round. They answered 14 questions correctly between them.

The viewers were left to wonder if Shaun, the chaser was able to put on a show stopping performance. He frequently got questions wrong, which gave space for the players and allowed him to be pushed back.

With only seconds to spare, the celebrities managed to beat Shaun and win an incredible £74,000 for their charities.

On Twitter, viewers expressed their disbelief.

One fan penned: “Wow! That was a brilliant final chase. Well done team. You deserved that.”

Another fan said: “If ever there was an example of a final chase being thrown by the chaser, this was it.”

A third comment was: “Brilliant!! 74K!!”

“Omg @scott_mills #thechase 2 seconds!!” A fourth fan exclaimed.

On Saturday night’s program, viewers wondered whether Shaun intentionally ruined his chances to beat the celebs because it was a celebrity special.

One Twitter fan posted the following: “Just seen Shaun off #TheChase deliberately getting a question wrong so £74000 goes to charity, that’s a stand up guy there.”

In the meantime, another comment: “You can always tell when he let’s them win the money for charity, @TheShaunWallace has a heart, what a big softie…”

On last week’s celeb special, TV journalist Naga Munchetty took a cheeky swipe at chaser Mark Labbett before missing out on an incredible £111k.

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