“The Chase” Hosts Exit ABC Game Show


The ChaseIs changing things up ahead of next season. DeciderTwo of the “chasers” — Ken Jennings and Mark “The Beast” Labbett — would be exiting the show. Both of them have left the show to make way for new chasers. One fan-favorite has been added. Jeopardy champion. 

The latest season of The ChaseABC will air the series on May 3rd. The premiere will feature two of the series’ most famous chasers, but it will not include them. Jennings and Labbett won’t be back in the series. Jennings is a well-known name in the series. JeopardyCurrently, he serves as an interim host for Mayim Bialik. Labbett was the original chaser. The ChaseThe first time the United States introduced it was in 2013. Huffington Post UK. Labbett was later invited to be a part of ABC’s revival in 2021. He was also one of four chasers that sat with Jennings, James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter, and Brad Rutter.

An official Twitter account was created in response to the announcement that Jennings & Labbett will be leaving the show. The ChaseThe program will be joined by three additional individuals, it was announced. Buzzy Cohen, Brandon Blackwell and Victoria Groce will be joining the new panel. JeopardyCohen, a successful musician and actor, will be well-remembered by fans JeopardyContestants of all ages were invited to host the Tournament of Champions in 2021. Labbett responded to Labbett’s announcement about the new panel. The Chasevia Twitter. His statement indicates that he is not the most happy about his departure. 

“Gutted to not be invited back but really excited at the new lineup,” He wrote. “Am expecting Brandon and Victoria to wow America :).” Labbett also explained the matter.A fan who is a fan of the show. “just didn’t renew me,”And many more “No reason was offered.”Jennings also used social media Please share your thoughtsAll the latest news. The JeopardyChampion also managed to make a joke about Holzhauer during the writing process. “I’m already missing all the lovely folks at @TheChaseABC, and the great trivia minds, and James.”

Fans speculate that Jennings may have left the country. The ChaseThis means that he could play a more committed role. Jeopardy. As of right now JeopardyAlex Trebek will continue to host the quiz show, but it is not yet known who will replace him. Jennings has been hosting the show as a guest host since Mike Richards’ exit. Jennings now has more time to dedicate to the show. Jeopardy after his The ChaseIf he does not leave, could this be a sign that he is now the permanent host? We will only know the truth when it comes to this. 

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