The cleaning expert has some great tips for how to bring your house “to the next level”.


Caroline, TikTok’s cleaning guru, has shared her top tips for keeping your home in top condition. Follow these tips soon and you will be able to take care of all your housework like the pros.

A cleaning guru shared her top tips and tricks to simplify your life.

TikTok star Caroline, @neat.carolineA series of tips and tricks were shared by, including how to clean mirrors and how to make your appliances shine like new.

This advice is a game-changer and will make cleaning much more enjoyable.

Caroline’s video was a hit with her social media followers. Soon, she had thousands of viewers and countless comments. However, most people were more interested in Caroline’s cat.

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Caroline stated: “Here are some tips that will take your cleaning game to the next level.

“One – Clean up everything completely, not just the surfaces beneath it.

“Two – Use the ‘S’ pattern to clean surfaces.

“Three – Use a mop to get out of a room, so that you don’t have two trips to sweep the floors.

“Four – Pre-treat surfaces with a product, this makes wiping down surfaces a lot easier.

“Five – To ensure streak-free results, wipe stainless steel surfaces with a grain. For even shinier results, use a microfibre cleaning cloth.

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“Six – Always dust before you vacuum, this way you don’t need to vacuum twice.

“Seven – Use a folded towel to cover your knees as you clean.

“Eight – Bring your cleaning caddy with you around the house to save time.”

Caroline shared some more ideas in the comments section to spark your home.

She suggested that to clean windows you use a mixture water and vinegar and that to mop floors you use warm water and some washing up liquid.

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