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This weekend will be huge Game of Thrones Fans will be thrilled to see the premiere of House of the Dragon But some people are still hoping for a different Westeros. An HBO spinoff series about Jon Snow was announced earlier this summer. Here’s an overview of all information available about this project.

In June, The Hollywood Reporter Breaking the news, HBO was creating another. “successor series”To Game of Thrones This time, it’s a direct sequel to Jon Snow. Fans were skeptical at first. However, Emilia Clarke, former star of the show, confirmed the news in an interview with BBC Radio 4 a few days later. George R.R. also posted a blog post. Martin. Now we know that the show has begun production and that Kit Harington has joined us.

It is possible for the Jon Snow series to become a reality, but it could also end at any stage in between now and the TV premiere. Actually, it is actually in His latest blog postMartin stated that he was skeptical more than one of the live action series in development would be given a proper order. It doesn’t matter if you like the idea or not, there is no guarantee we will see the Jon Snow sequel.

Fans should keep this in mind as there are many interesting details that will be of interest to them. Continue reading to see all of the confirmed information.

Is this project real?


After the poor reception at the ending of Game of Thrones – and the grim finality of its ending – fans expected HBO to stay away from direct sequels. Martin’s writings go beyond a fictional world and back into a dense fiction history. It seemed that most ideas for sequel shows would follow this path. It’s not surprising that many Jon Snow fans believed the news of a sequel was a hoax at first.

While THR Many HBO fans were skeptical of the report after it was cited by anonymous sources. Martin then confirmed it via his blog. Clarke also said that Harington told her of the idea. She shared the following: BBC: “He has told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening.”


What is Kit Harington’s Involvement in the Holocaust?


According to the first report, Kit Harington had agreed to reprise his role as Jon Snow. Clarke and Martin took the idea one step further, surprising some fans. They surprised fans by revealing that Harington was the original creator of this series and that he was actively involved in its development.

“It’s been created by Kit as far as I can understand, so he’s in it from the ground up. So what you will be watching, hopefully, if it happens, is certified by Kit Harington,”Clarke stated. Clarke commented. Some fans thought Clarke was making a joke of the comment. Martin explained it in his blog post.

“Yes, it was Kit Harrington who brought the idea to us,”He wrote. “I cannot tell you the names of the writers/ showrunners, since that has not been cleared for release yet… but Kit brought them in too, his own team, and they are terrific.”


What is the title?


Martin’s blog post mentioned a title for the show in his early reports. He wrote: “Our working title for this show is SNOW.”Many social media commenters were surprised that the title wasn’t closer to their names. Game of ThronesThis would make it the most similar to the original series. Fans have started pitching titles to their favorite characters.


How far along is this project?


The show is currently in early development stages, and it is not yet guaranteed to air on TV. Martin said that Harington and his crew pitched the show with outlines, treatments and designs which were approved by HBO executives. They are now on the script stage – working on a script for the pilot episode that will determine whether or not the show goes any further. He said that these scripts have been through several drafts already, but that still leaves casting, pre-production, filming and editing to be done – assuming HBO orders a pilot and/or a series.

Martin surprised his fans by telling them that this show was in production for the same time as the three live-action spinoffs. He wrote: “There are four live-action successor shows in development at HBO. Word got out about three of them some time ago… I think some of these were officially announced; in other cases, news leaked out… SNOW has been in development almost as long as the other three, but for whatever reason, it was never announced and it never leaked… until now.”


Will Emilia Clarke Return as Daenerys?”


Since Game of ThronesOne of the most popular fan theories about Daenerys’ survival was that it happened. Many fans on social media have pointed out that fire magic has brought a few characters back to life before – including Jon Snow – and hoped that Dany’s fate would be the same. There is no sign Clarke is involved in this sequel. However, there are plenty of clues that the Mother of Dragons has moved on to Westeros.

“No, I think I’m done,”Clarke spoke bluntly when she was asked about reprisal from The BBC. According to reports, she laughed at the idea. It’s not difficult to understand why.


Are Other Stars Coming Back?

A few cast members have already indicated that they are interested in returning to the show. Game of Thrones sequel – either before or after the news of this show broke. Gwendoline Christie told Collider She is. “invested in playing very different parts now,”However, she “will never stop loving Brienne of Tarth, and I will never stop being interested by her.”

Meanwhile, Maisie Williams told PEOPLE She expressed excitement about the spinoff and fans are eager for Arya to return. John Bradley said to’s Brian Jones he would love the opportunity to play Samwell Tarly again.

Fans are taking it as a given Kristofer hivju would reprise his role as Tormund Gigantesbane, since he was there when the series ended. Fans are anxious for Ghost to be shown on the spinoff.


What is the Series About?


The biggest question – and perhaps the hardest to answer – is what exactly this sequel series would be about. Harington’s writers team is the only one who knows right now. However, that hasn’t stopped them from trying. Fans and content creators keep speculating wild. One popular idea is for the show to pick up after a time jump, with a few years between. Game of Thrones. This would settle the political situation in Westeros and allow Arya to return from her westward journeys.

Fans don’t like the idea of this series being set entirely north of The Wall. Many think it would be necessary to include Sansa’s independent kingdom in The North as well as Bran’s southern six Kingdoms. Some believe Jon Snow might sail east from North to explore Essos’ lands. This is especially since he knows that he has Valyrian heritage.


Is this a Series that will Change the End of Game of Thrones’?

Some fans also expect that the Jon Snow sequel will make subtle changes and retcons in the ending. Game of Thrones. This is possible considering that the show will have new writers and showrunners. However, it would need to be kept to a minimum to avoid confusing viewers. However, there are details this series could elaborate on to make the end of Game of ThronesIn hindsight, it is more appealing.

Many fans hope that this sequel will explore Jon Snow’s resurrection in greater detail. Melisandre brought Jon back from the dead in Season 6, and fans expected him to look somewhat like a zombie. This was not explored by the show with Jon, but it did with Benjen Stark and Beric Dondarrion. It is possible to learn that Jon is what many fans call “a” “fire wight,”It could retroactively explain some his actions in later seasons.

In a variety of ways, the show could suggest to us that the fight against the White Walkers was more complex than it appeared in Season 8, Episode 3. Many fans expected the war to last longer and that the final solution would be more complex than a Valyrian knife at the right moment. Jon Snow 2 could use Castle Black’s library to explore Westeros’ ancient history of fire and ice magic more thoroughly.

The Jon Snow spinoff series is still in its early stages and no word yet on whether it will be made into a series. House of the DragonPremieres will be broadcast on HBO Max and HBO Max on Sunday, August 21st. You can stream the premieres here Game of ThronesMartin’s books can be found in audio, digital and print formats.


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