The Creepy Laundry Room Makes a Woman Fearful of Washing Her Clothes


The most dreaded part of Blaine Caravaggi’s day is when she heads down to the creepiest room in her house: the laundry room.

This house was built before the Civil War in 1860. It’s a beautiful, fully restored home, but Blaine, who owns an organic baking business, still gets spooked when it’s laundry time.

“It makes weird noises. The lights flicker. There’s cobwebs,”She tells Inside Edition. “It’s like Halloween all year round.”

Blaine still feels uneasy despite a brand new washer and dryer. Blaine is still uneasy.

“It’s very creepy. I hate coming down here,”Blaine stated.

While washing clothes in this unfinished space, it’s best to beware of strange noises.

It’s a similar situation for Garrison Briggs, who also has a spooky laundry room in his Detroit apartment building.

“I was just in disbelief how gross it looked. Garrison stated that graffiti had been applied to the walls, and added that it looks like something from a horror film.

Blaine and Garrison, like many others, have to summon all their strength just to complete a simple chore such as laundry.

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