The Empowering Choice Princess Diana Made with Her Wedding Vows


Princess DianaShe was a pioneer in the royal family. But did you know that she was also a change agent? Diana changed her vows for her wedding, which her daughters-in law included in their ceremonies. 

Diana’s ‘Fairytale’Charles For Your Wedding

After being engaged in 1977, Diana and Prince Charles got married in a fairytale ceremony. The couple first met in 1977, when Charles was dating one of Diana’s older sisters. They began to have a romantic relationship in 1980. 

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The marriage was called “wedding of the century”The ceremony was attended by many people all around the globe. 3,500 people attended the ceremony, along with 2 million spectators on the streets. While many focused on Diana’s fairytale wedding dress, others were excited by a different detail. 

The Two Words Diana Forgot to Include in Her Vows

Diana and Charles agreed to omit one word when she recited her wedding vows at the ceremony. According to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer marriage vows can be found here “to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us do part.”

Both Diana and Prince Charles decided to leave. “to obey”When she repeated her vows. The princess wasn’t the first British bride to do so, but she was the first royal bride to leave out a promise to obey her new husband. 

Diana’s decision to omit “to obey”From her vows, a tradition was established among new royal brides. Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and others left the words out their own marriage vows. Also, Princess Eugenie removed the words. “to obey”These are her vows. 

Diana Set: Other Royal Precedents

Diana was a rebel and continued to set new precedents for her family throughout her life. For example, she was the first royal to give birth in a hospital instead of at home—another tradition Middleton and Markle followed. 

The princess was also a first royal mother to send Prince William to public schools. Middleton and William have also sent their children to public schools, and when Archie and Lilibet get old enough, it’s fair to assume Markle and Prince Harry will as well. 

The marriage between Diana and Charles didn’t last, but the late princess had a permanent impact on the British royal family, bringing a sense of normalcy and independence to the sometimes-stuffy monarchy. 

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