The European Aviation Safety Agency has approved an AirCar that can fly and drive.


People might not be content to wait on the streets for a ride; they may one day look up at the AirCar from the sky.

The vehicle, made by Slovakia-based company Klein Vision, is half car, half airplane, and it’s just been given an airworthiness certificate by the Slovak Transport Authority.

This means the car of tomorrow will be able to meet the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The AirCar isn’t made for long-haul flights. The prototype currently available can travel about 310 miles with just over seven gallons.

And when on the ground, the AirCar’s wings are fully retractable and hits the road using its 160 HP BMW engine.

The conversion from aircraft to road-worthy takes only three minutes.

When can people be sure to fly above the traffic? This is yet to be determined, as the AirCar is still being tested.

Even so, that hasn’t stopped Klein Vision from dreaming up new vehicles for the future, including one that could land on water.

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