The Family of Kade Leonwin, 12-Year Old Brooklyn Boy Killed in Crossfire, Meets with NYC Mayor


New York Mayor Eric Adams is speaking out about gun violence after the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy.

“This story just strikes at the heart of the trauma in our city and in our country,” Adams said.

Kade Lewin was caught up in the crossfire while he ate takeout in his car with his family. The car was hit with a hail of bullets. Kade was hit in the head and declared dead on the spot.

Adams held up a pair of Kade’s shoes and met with the family Monday. 

“This violence, this gun action, must be stopped. It is way too much,” Kade’s aunt said at the press conference. 

The family appealed to anyone with information regarding the suspects, to come forward. 

Meanwhile, Sacramento police are on the manhunt for suspects who opened fire in the downtown area, killing six people. 

“It’s the largest mass shooting in our city’s history,”Mayor Darrell Steinberg stated. “But the truth of the matter is that this is a national phenomenon.”

In connection with the mass shooting, police have already arrested a 26-year old suspect.

Police say that a 72 year-old tourist was deliberately tripped by an unmarried man.

Cyndi Gradwell, her two daughters and husband, was in the city to see the Broadway premiere of “Funny Girl.”In the incident, she suffered a black eye as well as cracked teeth.

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