The Father of the Organ Donor Bride, who died before her wedding, led the bride down the aisle


In an emotional moment captured on camera, a beautiful bride was being escorted into her wedding by her father, the organ donor. 

Daniel Donnelly’s 5-year-old daughter Heather died in a car crash five years ago. Heather was an organ donor. Diana Donnarumma, a recipient of a life-saving small or large intestine transplant, was able to thank her for her generosity. 

“They said, we have found your perfect match,”Donna described the moment Donna found out she would get the transplant.

Diana reached out and thanked her father for giving her the gift of life. Heather died shortly before her wedding. Daniel was unable to accompany her down the aisle. Diana asked him to be a part of the special day. 

That’s how Daniel got to be by Diana’s side on her wedding day. 

Heather was also present in spirit when her framed photograph was placed in an honor position. 

After walking Diana down an aisle, Daniel gave a hug to Diana’s father and took over the walk.

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