The Female High School Football player is an inspiration playing an unusual position


Are you ready to play football? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is yes! Football season is well underway all across the country. From young kids to pro athletes, many Americans aren’t just watching the game—they’re also playing it. However, it’s not just young boys and men who are taking to the field. It’s not just young men and women who are involved in the sport. One of them has made history.

Bella Rasmussen is an 18-year-old senior football player at Laguna Beach High School. Although women do play football throughout the country, Rasmussen is unique not necessarily because she’s the only female on the team, but because she’s also a running back. When girls and women play the male-dominated sport, running back is usually a position that’s thought of as one only for guys.

If you haven’t already, ‘I’m Going to Do It Again’

Rasmussen’s unique position helped her make history last week. Rasmussen, a running back, scored not one but 2 touchdowns during a match with Santa Ana Godinez. This helped her team win 48 to 0. Rasmussen was the first woman to score two touchdowns during a varsity football game in California history.

“I was like, just in case you didn’t get to [see it] the first time, I’m going to do it again,” Rasmussen told TODAY.

With her first touchdown, Rasmussen became the eighth female running back in state history to score touchdowns in a varsity football match. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for Rasmussen, and she went on to score another. She ran touchdowns of one and four yards during the second quarter. 

Rasmussen went out on the field to have some fun. She didn’t set out to enter the history books. As the running back shared “I had no idea that was such a big deal. I felt that I had just played a game, a great game with some of my favorite people.”

‘Be The Hammer, Not The Nail’

Rasmussen’s love for football began at an early age. Rasmussen was just three years old when she began playing football with her brother and cousin. She has also been the victim of skeptics throughout her life.

“I get it all the time,” Rasmussen remarked. “Those boys are going to hurt you. They’re not going to want you, this is a male sport.” Good thing Rasmussen didn’t listen to the doubters. As the only female on the team, she’s making history and showing the world that girls can play just as tough as boys. In fact, she’s played the demanding positions of running back and defensive end all four of her years at Laguna Beach.

Rasmussen is continuing to reflect on her football team’s achievements and has some words of wisdom for us all. “Be the hammer, not the nail.”

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