The Finale of ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 3 ‘Accidentally,’ Creates a New Franchise


Game of ThronesFamous for its viral memes and online memes that lasted a lifetime, it was also a well-known brand. House of the DragonThey will follow its lead. Social media observed a pattern in their collective complaints about Season 1’s writing. All of them reduced dramatic actions. “accidents or misunderstandings.”

Beware: There may be spoilers House of the Dragon Game of Thrones And Fire & Blood ahead! House of the DragonThis is an innovative evolution of the ever-popular fantasy novel adaptation genre. It is not based solely on prose fiction. Instead, it draws on fictional history. George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & BloodIt is written by a Westerosi maester who lived during the reign of King Robert Baratheon. The in-world author Maester Kyldayn has to rely upon unreliable sources for its history. The text contains two or three contradictory accounts, which means many events are open to interpretation.

The job of House of the Dragon The goal is to shed light on the events, unravel these accounts and reveal the truth about what really happened. For fans of the book, this was an exciting prospect – not only would we see how things really happened, we would get more insight into the political biases of Gyldayn and his in-world primary sources. Fans are feeling cheated, as more important events seem to be down to miscommunications and accidents.

The fandom really saw this pattern in action in the finale of season 3, when Prince Aemond (Ewan Mitchel) killed Prince Lucerys on dragon back. This was described in the book as an impulsive and violent act that set off civil war and ended all violence. Aemond tried calling his dragon Vhagar away at the last possible moment. He then seemed to regret that Luke and Arrax had been chomped to death.

This incident called to mind others, however – chief among them the lack of communication about sex that started the rift between Alicent (Emily Carey) and Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), and later Alicent’s (Olivia Cooke) delusional belief that Viserys (Paddy Considine) had changed his mind about the succession with his dying breath. Many fans began to believe that every dramatic decision was an accident, to increase the sense of tragedy and give viewers the chance to keep rooting for their favorite side in this war.

Some angry fans go so far as to invoke the past. “bad writing”Later seasons were plagued with memes Game of ThronesParticularly David Benioff, showrunner: “Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet”Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington), repetitive line: “I don’t want it.”Fans wanted to know if there was a version of “accident”House of the Dragon would remain the same. Here’s how the internet exploded in fury.

There is no conflict

Many fans felt the show was trying too hard to keep the characters relatable and likable at the expense narrative conflict. They felt that they could have kept the show going. “rooting for”The protagonists of either side were equally as ambitious, lustful for power and even more murderous than the other.



These characters’ motives were compared to the motivations of The Simpsons. Game of ThronesAccording to him, the first seasons of Westeros had more backstabbing and scheming than the main series. However, they didn’t worry about how audiences would react. Some felt that this was an exaggerated reaction to the controversial finale of the main series.


More Accidents

Fans joked about other events in the show that might retroactively turn out to be accidents – even willful acts of violence.



The emerging was defended by many fans “accidents”However, it didn’t negate years of tension and hostility between the characters. Some thought that Luke’s hesitation before killing him by Aemond humanized him, but it did not absolve him.


Historical accuracy

It’s still a good idea, as many fans believe. Fire & Blood Aemond is remembered as a murderer. They realized that Aemond, a one-eyed prince, wouldn’t confess to his hesitation in reporting to his king and that historians wouldn’t believe him if he claimed to have been remorseful.


Viral Status

The fans saw that this was not an isolated interpretation and were delighted to see a new meme format emerging before their eyes.



Warning: This area is extremely dangerous – fans began to extrapolate about major events in the book that are likely coming in future seasons of the show. Many felt they were being telegraphed more. “accidental”They are not the same as what they appear on the page.



Last but not least, it is worth noting that most fans won’t give in to discouragement House of the DragonOder you could write it off entirely. “accidents.”Many people noted that they were frustrated and conflicted, but also enjoyed their favorite moments. It’s unlikely that the show will return in 2024. “accidental”Drop in ratings.


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