The flight attendants and weary travelers have to deal with disruptive flyers once more. However, bad behavior can lead to serious consequences.


What’s going on in the skies above? Some passengers may need to be retrained in airline etiquette.

According to reports, flight attendants are seeing bad behavior and even obnoxious behavior. This is compounded by summer flight cancellations and delays.

One instance of this was captured on video. A woman was seen climbing over two seats in order to reach her window seat. As she stepped onto the arm rests to reach her seat, it appeared that she was wearing only socks and pajamas. 

“So she goes to the bathroom in her socks and then puts those disgusting things on my armrest? No thank you,”One Twitter user commented. 

She may have had a valid reason to climb on the seats. Video footage captured the incident showing the man next her holding a baby. 

Passengers all over the globe are reported to be experiencing rude behavior and sometimes even getting into a fight about disagreements. 

The internet continues to circulate video footage of aerial altercations. 

Bad behavior while traveling can cause more than a bad memory. In April, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Announcement Its zero tolerance policy for unruly passengers was a firm fixture. 

“Behaving dangerously on a plane will cost you; that’s a promise,”Billy Nolen is the Acting FAA Administrator. 

After receiving feedback, the FAA implemented the policy Jan. 13, 2021. “a disturbing increase in unruly passenger incidents.” 

There were 5,981 reports of unruly passengers filed by The FAA in 2021

“Unsafe behavior simply does not fly and keeping our Zero Tolerance policy will help us continue making progress to prevent and punish this behavior,” Nolen said. 

The policy allows the FAA to issue fines to passengers who behave badly instead of counseling or warning letters.  The FAA stated that $5 million was imposed on unruly passengers by 2021.

The FBI was referred 80 cases of unruly passengers to the FAA for criminal review in February. TSA and the FAA are also working together to revoke TSA PreCheck from passengers who are unruly.  

Experts suggest that having patience and a lot good will can help to ease some of the stress of traveling.