The full crimes of Emmerdale serial killer Meena to be revealed as secret box is discovered


Emmerdale’s serial killer Meenajutla seems to be closer to being convicted of her crimes. Her trinket container – where she kept the mementos that she committed her murders- could be discovered

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Emmerdale: Meena exposes Vinny’s evil plan to get rid of Emmerdale

Meena Jutla is a serial killer from Emmerdale. Her crimes could be exposed after a massive discovery.

Paige Sandhu has played the evil role of this villain. She already murdered her friend Nadine as well as three other people. Vinny Dingle and Manpreet Singh, her sister, have been held hostage.

ITV soap viewers are desperate to see Meena punished for her crimes. Now, it appears that it may finally happen after the secret trinket boxes of Meena risk being found.

Meena, along with her village friends, seems to be closer to the truth. Last week, Meena decided to bury her secret box, in which she keeps ‘trophies of her murders’.

The possibility of discovering the box that she buried on her allotment is real.

Jacob and Leyla look at the damage to the allotment. Meena’s trinketbox pokes out just above ground. Sam accidentally shovels dirt over the trinketbox, and they miss it initially.

Will the box ever be found? Is Meena set to be executed for her crimes?

Paige has spoken about Meena’s downfall and how her character is “definitely feeling the stress”.

“I think we have got a bit of exhilaration. As we go on, I wouldn’t say that she’s out of her depth, but I would say that she is definitely feeling the stress,”She recently shared.

“She’s having to juggle so many things while also having to keep her mask in the village, like we’ve seen Rishi is very suspicious of her, Liam is starting to get suspicious, there’s Billy and Dawn snooping around and with Vinny, that adds all of the Dingles into the mix.”

She continued: “All of that is adding to the stress that she is feeling. But at the same time, she thrives off being spontaneous. It’s thrilling to her to be able to kill another person, which is horrible. There is both going on.”

Paige suggested that Meena was being teased by Paige “mask is slipping”She feels that leaving the village is her only option, even though she initially wanted to remain there. “true colours”.

“Then, after a while, it becomes clear that things aren’t working out for her so she goes to her second plan which is to reveal her true colours to everyone. There is something thrilling about that, that everyone will finally know about all the things she’s done,”She said.

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