The Height Difference Between Kevin Hart And His Wife, Eniko Parrish


Comedian Kevin Hart knows that he didn’t win the genetics lottery when it comes to height. Standing at just 5’2″, the 42-year-old jokester has been poking fun at his short stature ever since his first comedy tour, I’m Grown Little Man. Fortunately, his wife of nearly six years, Eniko Parrish, doesn’t mind that her mate is shorter than she is. So just how tall is Kevin Hart’s wife? Here’s our investigation into this couple’s notable height difference.

How Tall Is Kevin Hart’s Wife?

Kevin Hart asked Eniko Parrish to marry him in August of 2014. He popped the question at her 30th birthday party and the exciting moment was even captured on video.  

The happy couple tied the knot two years later. Last August, Eniko wrote a touching note to The Wedding Ringer star on Instagram in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary.

“As we continue to grow older and change with age, my love for you remains the same,” she wrote. “Happy to be sharing life with you..5 years down! Forever to go..xo”

As a former model, it’s no surprise that Eniko is taller than Kevin Hart. According to reports, she’s 5′6″ without heels, which makes her four inches taller than her famous husband.

While society loves to call attention to straight couples (especially celebrities) with significant height differences, Hart says he doesn’t let the disparity bother him. In a 2014 interview with Oprah Winfrey, The Upside star said he doesn’t pay attention to comments about his height and has no interest in changing his appearance to make other people happy.

“I don’t believe in doing things to manufacture my body to appeal to what I think people might like,” he said. “This is it. This is what I was given. This is my playing cards. If we were playing poker, I’ve got to make this handwork. This is it for me. And this is what I’m going to ride out. So how do you not embrace it? You get one life. One. You get one life. I’m going to embrace mine.”

Reportedly, Hart’s first wife, Torrei Hart, was the same height as her former husband. The couple split in 2010 and their divorce was finalized in 2011, after nearly eight-year of marriage. The pair share two children—daughter Heaven Leigh, born in 2005, and son Hendrix, born in 2007. While Torrei alleged that Kevin was unfaithful to her with Eniko, the pair were able to work things out and are on good terms today.

“I moved on, she’s happy, I’m happy. I’m happier than she is, though. I just say it to her all the time. Literally, when I see her, ‘I’m happier than you,’” Hart joked in an interview on The Rosie Show (as reported by HuffPost). “I would never disrespect or put her in the limelight where she would be seen as an ugly vicious person — that’s the mother of my kids. We just didn’t work out, but we’re friends.”

Clearly, then, height does not make a difference when it comes to compatibility!

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